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Thanks for stopping by SheriStuart.com.  I love meeting new people and count it a blessing to share with you a little about me.

My Life                                              

Sheri L. Stuart
Journalist, PR Strategist, Blogger

I am a multi-platform journalist, public relations strategist and inspirational blogger.  Most of my professional career has involved a significant amount of writing, except for the time when I worked briefly as a 911 operator. I quit mid-shift one day after facing the reality that I simply was not a good fit for this type of work. (What was I thinking?)

Today, I am a staff writer for the Flint Courier, the longest-running African American weekly devoted to covering the Flint market. (Yes, the city with a four-year long water crisis that has yet to be resolved).   I’ve also reported for Crown City News based in Pasadena, California and written for the Los Angeles Wave, Inland Valley News and California Black Media.

I honed my skills as a public relations strategist while working for one of the Big Three automakers in Detroit and Southern California where I experienced the sheer joy of living for 14 years before heading back to the Midwest. While on the West Coast, I received a Polaris Award from the Public Relations Society of America for slaying a public awareness campaign promoting financial literacy education. (I scored 98 out of 100 possible points – Whoo Hoo! Yes, Ma’am, I did that!).

In addition, I have a verifiable track-record of scoring high-profile media placements in several media markets, including Los Angeles and Detroit.

Lastly, I am the founder of OneNation Media Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and distributing uplifting content.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me thrift shopping; spending time with family and friends; reading, sewing or flying back to LA as often as I can.  (Dang, I love that place!) My lifelong dream is to spend a year traveling the world interviewing people from all walks of life.

 You’re Awesome! 

If you need a reminder of just how awesome you really are, head on over to my  blog – www.LivingYourMaking.com.  There’s some good stuff there too.  I write a lot about life transitions and overcoming set-backs.  I’m a natural cheerleader and love seeing people win.

And that’s my skinny! 

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